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What are you planning?  An intimate dinner with or for friends and family, a corporate luncheon, or a soiree?  Then 805, offers a full-service event service. Our in-house event production team can provide you with a tailored event, from the concept to planning and delivery of the whole event, catering for all your requirements. From helping you to design your menu, pair your wines, and create an atmosphere for a memorable brunch, lunch or dinner. On the day our staff will be on hand to ensure a smooth experience.

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Private dining rooms


We are available for private and semi-private dining at Old Kent Road, Hendon, Reading, Accra and Abuja. At Old Kent Road we have two separate dining rooms, available as combined or as separate venues whichtogether seat 150 guests. Hendon and Reading are perfect for private events that seat 50 guests for dinner,or 60 guests for a cocktail reception. 


All three venues include a full service bar, available for both private and semi-private events: Available all day, seven days a week.


Old Kent Road is equipped with Wi-fi and Audio-Visual capabilities, for professional and non-professional presentations.  


We offer off-site events, to bring you an 805 experience.Please let us know ahead of when you might need to host an off-site event. We look forward to co-creating a memorable event with you.


We believe that planning to celebrate one of life’s important milestones should be as picture-perfect as the moment you knew you found your significant other. Whether you are planning a rehearsal, engagement party, shower or post-wedding dinner, you need an intimate setting with character. 


You will find an airy design aesthetic to work with: A medley of wall to wall hand-crafted woodwork patterns and gallery of large oil paintings as back-drop for guests, in distinctive fabrics. And, with custom pendant-lighting along with lots of natural light (ideal for photographs): It’s a wedding film-maker and photographerdream, from every angle.


By the way, we are on hand to produce feature length footage, reportage photography; that capture emotions of the whole day, in a way that will stay with you, always.  


Your Birthday should reflect your personality, with special touches. We feature a consulting West African cuisine service that offers ingredients and flavours, for diverse palettesPrepared at our Nigerian Restaurants, with love by West-African chefs. We will co-create specific menus and themed cakes with you, to delight your guests. As we will, your Birthday party sound-track and DJ mix.


We offer adaptive versions of three-and-four-course options, for lunch and dinner in a variety of formats including: plated, family-style or buffet service. 

event catering


As a response to a festive and varying social West-African culture, we bring an ability to adapt our offering to a variety of events: From small office meetings to receptions; corporate; institutional outing; and other social events. 


At Old Kent Road we have three separate dining rooms, available as combined or as separate venues whichtogether seat 150 guests. Hendon and Reading are smaller and perfect for intimate events that seat 50 guests for dinner, or 60 guests for a cocktail style reception. 


We are keen to work with you to co-create ideas around your needs. Our planners can customise a menu to meet the needs of your guests. It’s your imagination, your event and your approach.  


We will appreciate you place your order, with a minimum requirement of 7 days in advance. Wwill try our best to accommodate your order, at short notice.  

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