Our Story


Dear guests,


Since 2001 when Mr. and Mrs James opened their first Nigerian Restaurant on 805 Old Kent Road, we have been committed to bringing you wholesome and delicious West African meals in our restaurants and into your homes. We are delighted to work with chefs who cook with indigenous ingredients from scratch; and be a part of your holiday feasts, celebrations and relaxation diary. 

20 years on, our interiors take on striking tones with pendant lights, walls of rotating original artwork and a welcoming atmosphere, which lends itself to dish sharing pleasures. On your own, as a party of one; many; or on behalf of your family we bring you dishes at the heart of Hendon; South LondonReading; Accra and Abuja. We love for you to feel as though you have strolled right off a street in one of many cities where Jollof-rice is celebration staple. We like to think Jollof-rice unites West Africa in as much as your views of the recipes’ origins that make it tick as a regional cuisine.


We find wholesome food for better living attracts people, to ingredients such as okra, plantain, yam, beans, grounded dried shrimp; and a spice base of scotch bonnet, cumin, ginger and grated onion. Our menu tells a story about whole food recipes, from pulses such as Ewa-Agoyin (Cotonou honey beans, with dried tomato and chilli sauce), Jollof-rice to our much-loved signature Monika fish. 

Talking about Monica-fish, at a point we were considered a speciality sea-food restaurant. Today as a signature dish Monica-fish remains as popular as ever.  


The options on our menu are an exploration of West African food for better living. Okra for example is a vegetable that is popular throughout the region. It is rich in vitamins and high dietary fibre content. We invite you try it with EAmala or Pounded yam; pinch off a bit with your right hand, indent it with your thumb and dip it in the soup.  Of course familiar utensils and plenty of paper napkins are always available. We bring this down-to-earth sensibility to catering services we provide airlineoperators and public sector clients.


Our priority is to please you, we enjoy listening to you. Our success comes from your support and word of mouth. We appreciate this and long may this tasteful journey continue.


Thank you.


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