Our Story

In 2001 Mr and Mrs James opened 805 Old Kent Road London SE15 1NX with the sole purpose of presenting a new West African dining experience. Pairing customer service with a healthy and nutritious menu was high on the agenda. Customers enjoy the flavours of Africa, with tropically grown ingredients like pulses, okra, yam, plantain. As a result, we provide food for a better living.

Almost 20 years later, we continue to serve authentic West African food not moving away from traditional dishes that are eaten across West Africa. Our dining experiences cater for dish-sharing pleasures, a party of many or one. All this in a modern environment providing for a pleasurable dining experience all round. It is easy to find customers who can tell you what they love about 805.

Growing from one restaurant in South London, due to a demand from our customers, word-of-mouth about the brand we now have a branch in Hendon, and the newly opened Reading. As a family-owned business we are going from strength to strength and for several years we have provided catering and a private dining experience.


Our menu tells a story, healthy pulses such as Ewa Agoyin (Cotonou honey beans, with dried tomato and chilli sauce), spicy, tomato-infused Jollof rice to our much-loved signature Monika fish. We use ingredients that are sourced locally in London and West Africa.

As the leading West African restaurant in the UK our customers are at the forefront of growth and we continue to listen and accommodate their needs, in terms of the menu and the whole 360 of providing the ultimate dining experience.

We are open for lunch, weekend brunch, dinner, late nights, as well as take-away beverages. Importantly we are open to your views.


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