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The West-African vibe at 805 Restaurants celebrates community in cuisine: having, making and enjoying meals ties family and community together. Home-made meals are prepared to the extent that there is almost always enough to share with unexpected guests; and for them to take-home. 


This is a tradition nurtured by tastes that match staples such as pounded yam with flavours of dishes such asEfo-riro (mixed greens, blended scotch bonnets, bell pepper, locust beans and grated onions) and Ogbonosoup. 

We love wholesome ingredients such as plantain, yam, cassava, ginger, scotch bonnet chilies, beans, and, okra. We are fans of beautiful cutlery but also believe that some things taste better when eaten with fingers. Our musical tastes are Africa inspired and eclectic: you will hear this as you eat. We love to look after you and are committed to providing you a glimpse into lesser-known West-African culture and food.


We are proud to curate a travelling exhibition of frescos and mixed-media paintings, by emerging artists, across our restaurants, in the UK and West-Africa. Please feel free to enquire about the stories behind each one of them. 

As a Nigerian Restaurant, with foot-prints in South-London, Hendon and Reading, Accra and Abuja we celebrate multi-faceted-cultural-trove of West African narratives; ingredients; and recipes that unite us as a community, in more ways than one

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