Why 805?

We have been in the UK, Ghana and Nigeria since 2001. As a franchisor, we have growth plans for 2019 and 2020. 



We don’t just sell an assortment of West-African flavour and styles, which keeps our guests coming back and asking for the home-made-feel of meals on our menu. We offer better-living: our true philosophy, with use of indigenous West African recipes; along with the pleasure we take in engaging with our guests; suppliers and franchisees.

The Process

We receive a substantial number of enquiries from franchisee candidates every year. We have begun to respond to these enquiries, as we have specific growth markets in which we looking to expand. 


We look forward to talking with franchisees that take pleasure in making every guest feel at home; are passionate about the food industry, particularly West-African cuisine. We want people who are committed to operating their own restaurant to our food quality and service standard; care about an engaging wait-staff; the brand experience; with ambition to drive sales and support our restaurant growth plan. 

Being an 805 franchisee gives you an opportunity to utilise this proven business model; enjoy the satisfaction of seeing guests take pleasure in your menu and care, whilst providing the potential for a return on investment. From when we meet with you till the day of your opening, we will be there to provide you with support. We will provide you with a comprehensive 805 training programme to guide your through our business model and our tried and tested approach to keep your guests returning. Throughout your journey with us, we will continue to offer you support in various areas of the business.

We are open to expressions of interest from entrepreneurs from various backgrounds. We look forward to having a conversation about your knowledge and experience: To see how well we can work together as a team.  


If you are interested in being a franchisee; have passion for the food industry and West-African cuisine we would love to hear from you.



Please contact our New Business Development team at [Add email]

Book a table

Thank you for booking with 805 restaurants. Please note, we will be in touch to confirm all bookings.

Reservations for the next business day, after 6pm should be made through the chosen branch by 1PM on the day of the reservation in order to confirm availability.